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Speakers share how behaviors can change at Celebrating Restorative Works, a fundraising breakfast

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Events, Model Program

A panel of speakers shared stories about the impact restorative practices can have on young people, their families and communities. Dr. Joe Roy explained, “With restorative practices, students are staying in school and learning.” 16-year old Robbie Cook was out of control, but his dad, Robert, said, “Because of restorative practices, I now have my son back.” Read about all the stories shared…

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March 2014 restorative practices news roundup

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in News Roundup

Pieces include:
American Federation of Teachers summit on restorative practices; NPR & PBS both report on shift away from zero tolerance in schools; San Francisco Unified School District approves measure favoring restorative practices over suspensions; Remembering the “Elmira Case,” an early example of face-to-face meetings between youth vandals & victims; TED Talk: “The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice” and more…

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Life skills, digital arts teacher supports positive behavior with help of whole class

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Model Program, Schools

“If you send a student out of class, you get rid of the problem but you actually take your own power away.” CSF Buxmont teacher Liz Burian says, “As a teacher you have to realize you have a great community in your classroom to support positive behavior, instead of relying on punitive measures.”

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Ripple: A faith community makes waves with restorative practices

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Faith Communities, Video

In the following video, filmed at the IIRP’s 16th World Conference in October 2013 during a plenary panel on Restorative Practices in the Faith Community, IIRP master’s candidate Tom Albright discusses Ripple, the ministry he has helped create based on restorative practices and principles.

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Bethlehem, PA, student wins “Yes I Can” Award with help from restorative practices

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Schools, Video

IIRP graduate student Tom Albright has taught and coached Emmanuel Zayas for the past year in the school-to-work transition program he oversees. In a video Albright talks about the program and how he engages students like Manny using circles and other restorative practices. IIRP graduate Deanna Webb also discusses her work at Freedom High School.

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National research funds 15 urban schools to implement restorative practices

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Schools

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is pleased to announce a partnership with the Center for Social Organization of Schools at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education to conduct a three-year randomized field trial evaluation of the IIRP’s SaferSanerSchools Whole-School Change Program. The study will establish the impact of school-wide restorative practices on reducing disparities in discipline and overall rates of suspensions, arrests and expulsions in high poverty-area middle and high schools that also have significant proportions of students of color.

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Eliminating disparities in school discipline: Evidence and recommendations presented to Congress support restorative practices

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Schools

Disparities in out-of-school suspension and expulsion by race, gender and sexual orientation are a critical issue in our schools. The Discipline Disparities Research to Practice Collaborative, a panel of 26 national experts — researchers, educators, advocates and policy analysts — will present to Congress on March 13 the most comprehensive compilation and analysis of research on exclusionary discipline ever attempted.

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“Best school in the universe” says key is restorative practices

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Schools

Our school’s culture is deeply rooted in care and personalization. As an organization, we have always approached students, families and staff in a restorative manner, we just didn’t have a name for it. We built our school on five pillars: Welcome, Never Too Late to Learn, Do No Harm, Choice Words and The Best School in the Universe! These five pillars have been the foundation upon which, starting three years ago, we built our restorative practice, beginning with proactive strategies.

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February 2014 restorative practices news roundup

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in News Roundup

Schools Robert Koehler always writes eloquently as he seeks solutions to hard problems. In his latest piece on restorative justice, “Beyond Our Broken Dreams,” he reports, “So far this year, the students [at Uplift Community High School in Chicago, Illinois, USA] have held 16 [restorative] conferences, 15 of which have ended in agreements that were successfully completed; 129 days of suspension were prevented.” In a New York Times Op-ed, Robert Ross and Kenneth Zimmerman argue for “real discipline in school,” aka restorative practices, which they place in the context of the school-to-prison pipeline and the new national guidelines on discipline in schools. This professional and detailed 14-minute video...

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Restorative practices: Building a connected community of learners

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Canada, Schools

The following post is by Suzanne Bartel, a grade 4/5 teacher at Cheam Elementary School in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. She has been doing restorative practices in her classroom for four years and says that this year three of six classes in her school are using RP with the other three classes showing great interest. To enhance her already experienced practice, Suzanne recently attended four days of Basic Restorative Practices professional development offered by IIRP Canada and wrote this post afterwards. “Because of our class circles, students accepted more responsibility for their roles in both creating and solving the problems. It became much easier to encourage students to solve their problems themselves; in part because I...

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